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Welcome to Mills Mechanical Ltd.

Mills Mechanical was established by Allen Mills to offer clients a higher quality of service and honesty within the professional trades & service industry. After over a decade of experience within the Industry working at times both for & with many big name companies countless questionable tactics and outright fraudulent practices were witnesses that only cheating the end consumer such as yourself.

This included be witness to activities

  • Spraying water on the heat exchangers causing them to crack, break & fail; therefore forcing you purchase a new appliance which could cost thousands of dollars.
  • Replacing the most expensive parts of a appliance that did not need to be changed in the first place.
  • Non-competent installs ensuring your appliances will prematurely fail or worse.
  • Selling you equipment that is over sized to make themselves more money.
  • Selling you under sized equipment due to lack of knowledge or they simply just dont care.
  • Hiring non-licensed / insured contractors may void your home insurance if a problem does arise.
  • personally have seen unsafe installations countless times; I’ve been fortunate enough to repair them before a tragic event such as an unnecessary loss of life occurred.
  • Installers who dont follow building and or installation codes may leaves you and your family with huge preventable repair bills in the end.
  • Building / installation codes are in place for for the protection of you, your family and the company conducting work on your home or business. So it’s imperative that the company you hire stays up to date on all the new & frequent changes; and of course adheres to them correctly.

Fortis BC Trade Ally Member

Quality Repairs, On Time and On Budget…

Hvac Repair

The fact of the matter is at some point in time you will likely need to have the essential equipment within your home such as your HVAC
(Heating, Ventilation & Air Condition) System, Hot Water Tank / System or any of your gas appliances such as your stove, bbq and fireplaces.

At Mills Mechanical Ltd our factory trained service technicians provide quick, reliable and guaranteed repairs for your home or business.We can repair all makes & models while servicing Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland Area in British Columbia.

Equipment Servicing and Safety Inspections

HVAC Service

You may not think about your furnace and other natural gas appliances in your home until they break down on you at the worst possible moment.

However like your car you wouldn’t drive it year after year without changing the oil or do a tune up would you ?

A little service can go along way to saving you big dollars in repair bills later on, not to mention its not only service we are providing but a highly trained eye to identify potential hidden dangers in and around your appliance being serviced.

A lot of insurance companies require annual service / inspections and may even ask to see proof of previous years if your ever need to file a claim.

With a lot of pilot programs held by FortisBC and BCHydro they usually offer some kind of perks or savings to take
advantage of.

Product Sales (We Install, Service & Repair What We Sell..)

Plumbing Services

We install products that meet our highest standards and that usually involves having installed the product in our own homes for testing before endorsing or backing the product with my family name.

But if you are set on a certain brand we will always give you the same quality and workmanship you would expect from our own endorsed brands.

We are constantly upgrading our classroom and field training to keep up with all the new improvements in the high efficient appliance sector, giving you the latest in advancements.

Choosing the right equipment is crucial to a comfortable home environment worth bragging about to your friends and neighbors.

Most manufactures are now requiring proof that your appliance has been serviced once a year to keep the warranty in good standing.

Higher efficient appliances means faster returns on your investment and a lighter carbon footprint.

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